Seven Days of Self Care for a Stronger Heart

We want you to be heart healthy!

In celebration of American Heart Health Month this February, West Suburban Medical Center is encouraging our community, and our employees, to follow along as we observe seven days of self-care. Consider picking one week this month to incorporate the following heart health activities:

#SelfcareSunday – Create a game plan for the week ahead—including time for exercise or other activity. Read up on the signs and symptoms of heart attack – for men and for women.

#MindfulMonday – Know your blood pressure numbers. Visit a local pharmacy where your blood pressure can be taken. Call your physician if your blood pressure reading is high and schedule a checkup.

#TastyTuesday – Try a heart healthy recipe with more fiber, less fat. Visit for some ideas.

#WellnessWednesday – Put your heart into your wellness routine. Take that walk around the neighborhood!

#TreatYourselfThursday – Treat your heart to something fun and/or relaxing to reduce any stress: dance, get a massage, play with the kids.

#FollowThroughFriday – Reflect on the steps you took this week and see if you can plan and keep your heart health focus going!

#SentimentSaturday – Reflect on someone or something for which you are grateful. Center yourself with an intention of thankfulness.

Together we can build a stronger, heart health community. Please share your seven days of self-care journey on our Facebook page and motivate others to follow along.