Interpreter Services

Qualified Translation and Interpretation

Clear and accurate communication is an essential part of quality and compassionate health care. When communication barriers exist, West Suburban Medical Center provides medical translation services at no cost to you.

Our translators are qualified to perform medical interpreter services in a health care setting. Many of our doctors, nurses, chaplains, and other staff can also communicate in a variety of languages other than English. In the event that qualified interpreters are not available in-person on-site, qualified medical interpreters are also available for over-the-phone communication. This service provides access to interpreters in more than 180 languages. In addition to language assistance, we provide American Sign Language medical interpreters as needed.

Translated Documents

On a periodic basis, we determine which vital documents should be translated into different languages. These documents include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Financial assistance applications and policies
  • Consent forms
  • Discharge instructions
  • Education materials
  • Patient rights handbooks
  • Admission documents

Contact Us

If you have a concern about interpreter services at our hospital, call our Guest Relations Department at (708) 383-6200 or the Illinois Department of Public Health at (880) 252-4343.