Employees Express a Cornucopia of Gratitude

Cornucopia of Gratitude

“I’m thankful not only for our leadership team here at West Suburban, but also for our team members who meet each morning in the huddle and then at the end of the day to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s truly a collaborative effort since nothing works if one of the pieces is missing.”

Karen Denkov

Director of Perioperative Services, West Suburban Medical Center

“I’m grateful for the fact that I get up and go to work every day with a great team, and thankful for the friends that I have here at the hospital. In addition to my family, that sums it up for me right now.”

Paul Brown

Lead Tech, X-Ray, West Suburban Medical Center

“I’m thankful for my family, our good health and close friendships.  I’m also very thankful for the River Forest team, who make coming to work each day such a pleasure!”

Corky Bellile, MS, MBA, CPXP

Chief Administrative Officer , West Suburban Medical Center

“I am grateful for my incredible team at the Family Birthplace!  With each and every one of them stepping up and helping me, I feel so great about the future of our unit.  We deliver beautiful blessings every day to our community. I love to serve this group of co-workers. They energize me and help me fulfill my purpose.”

Denise Massey, MSN-Ed,

Director Family Birthplace Center, West Suburban Medical Center

“I am thankful for our amazing team in the Outpatient Wound Center where we are more like a family than co-workers. Our patients inspire us through their stories and resilience facing so many challenges of everyday life and I am thankful that we work in a field where we can help and provide a safe haven for them even if it’s just for an hour a week during their appointment.”

Noemi Voda, RN BSN WCS

Clinical Nurse Manager, Wound Care Center

“I am thankful l for an amazing group of peers and staff who feels more like family than friends. I like to make it a habit to tell people thank you to express my appreciation sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. I am truly thankful for the ones around me. I believe gratitude unlocks the fullness of life, and for that I am thankful.”

Sharon Weathers

EVS Manager

“I am thankful for the dedicated, hardworking staff in Radiology who always put patients first. I am also thankful for the support and Leadership of Administration at West Suburban. They are so engaged in the well-being of our patients and employees.”

John Popo

Director of Radiology

“I am thankful for the staff in Patient Accounting for all of their resilience, hard work and dedication. I could not do my part without my team!”

Luisanna “Lulu” Mercado

Medicare/Non-Government Supervisor, Revenue Cycle

“Employee Health is Thankful for the ability to care for over 1,000 employees. Our skills are a sharp as any needle used to vaccinate them. We are a small but mighty team supported by HR another small mighty team.”

Jo Ann Losurdo RN

Employee Health Services

“I am thankful for all members of the Supply Chain Team for continuing our mission to deliver an uninterrupted flow of products and services even in these unprecedented times! We are constantly dealing with measures beyond our control but showing up each day to get stuff done. I am grateful for our ability to collaborate in the spirit of helpfulness.”

Brandy Warren

Director Supply Chain

“I am very thankful for the Employee Appreciation Team that meets every two weeks to plan fun events and activities for the staff of West Suburban and the River Forest Campus. I also must recognize the hard-working HR team who work behind the scenes to help this committee and the WSMC employees at large. They work diligently but always greet employees with a warm, happy smile!”

Jan Clark

VP of Human Resources

“I am thankful to my pharmacy staff for working hard every day in the inpatient, infusion center, and retail pharmacy to keep our patients compliant with their medications and healthy from the moment.”

Neil Jain

Director of Pharmacy

“I am Thankful for my Transportation Staff who put forth a great effort every day to make a difference, not only in their department, but in the organization. I applaud their hard work, dedication and commitment to the team through the ups and the downs. I am also thankful for all WSMC staff members with the mindset that we are one big family put here to make a difference in our patients lives and in each other.”

Kimberly Lee

Supervisor, Transportation Department

“I am thankful for the Facilities Management staff, to be able to accomplish all that they do to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for our customers, patients, physicians, administration, and various departments throughout the organization. May we all continue to be blessed to work as a unified front with one goal, and to provide first class service to the patients and community that we serve.”     

Rodney Harper

Director of Facilities/Plant Operations

“I am thankful for my Bariatric Team who not only provide excellent care and service to our patients, but remain dedicated to our department and always go above and beyond for each other. Their commitment to our program makes coming to work each day a pleasure and I am truly grateful to have each and every one of them on my team.”

Jasmine Kapoor, MPH, RD, LDN

Bariatric Program Manager

“I am thankful for my Telecommunications team, who are able to multi-task managing calls from two facilities as well as taking on other responsibilities. I am grateful to those that recognize the hard work that they do. I am also thankful for all of the WSMC staff members who make a difference every day.”

Avril Horace

Supervisor, Telecommunications

“I am grateful for my team of nurse and social work case managers who are relentless in carrying out their duties. I am also grateful for members of this leadership group and for all of your support and encouragement. It has been invaluable.”

Mary Jo McHugh, RN BSN ACM-RN

Director of Case Management

“I am Thankful for the Health Information Management team. This team works collaboratively with all departments and embraces new challenges every day. They work with other departments and support each other to make sure all patient documentation is processed as appropriate and available as needed.” 

MaSheila Drake, RHIA

Market Director, Health Information Management, Coding and CDI