Pipeline’s facilities do NOT accept service of complaints, subpoenas or other legal documents.

As published on Avanti’s web pages at; and as listed under the California Secretary of State Business at All service is required to be made to the hospital’s Agent of Service:

CT Corporation System

818 7th St.
Suite 930
Los Angeles CA 90017.


In order for your subpoena or service of process to be accepted, it must be completed properly using the hospital’s registered name, not its DBA.

Subpoenas naming one of our facilities must use the hospital’s registered name, not its d/b/a; and the registered facility names are as follows:

  • Gardena Hospital, L.P. (d/b/a Memorial Hospital of Gardena)
  • ELADH, L.P. (d/b/a East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital)
  • CHHP Holdings II, LLC (d/b/a Community Hospital of Huntington Park)
  • CPH Hospital Management, LLC (d/b/a Coast Plaza Hospital)

Please note that neither the hospital nor the hospital’s Agent of Service will accept service on behalf of any physician practicing at the hospital.

Registered Law Enforcement Officials Only (special, local, or state police, state and federal agencies) with confirmed proper identification may request an expedited approval. Please show your identification and have the facility contact Robert Carpino, Avanti Hospitals Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer, on your behalf.