CH Distillery donates “hand crafted” sanitizer for West Suburban Medical Center and PCC Clinic Front Line Staff

CH Distillery sanitizer

As front line healthcare workers continue to serve our communities impacted by the pandemic, West Suburban Medical Center and healthcare facilities across the nation are grateful for community donations of equipment and supplies that help in the battle against COVID-19.

Last Friday, West Suburban Medical Center and PCC Community Wellness Center (with multiple locations across the West side of Chicago and within the hospital) were fortunate to receive a substantial supply of hand sanitizer from a generous supplier.

CH Distillery, producer of such iconic spirits as Jeppson’s Malört, is located in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. The distillery provided 60 hand-crafted one-liter glass bottles of sanitizer to refill hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the hospital and clinic. With worry mounting over the amount of medical supplies needed to get front line workers through the coming weeks, CH Distillery’s special donation was perfectly timed.

CH Distillery owner, Tremaine Atkinson, learned of the desperate need for hand sanitizer from employee Yo Yarborough, the partner of West Suburban and PCC Clinic physician Morgan Madison, M.D. Yo shared Dr. Madison’s anxiety over the shortage with Tremaine and within a couple weeks his staff converted part of their distillation process to the production of hand sanitizer.

“THANK YOU for all the work you are doing. I don’t think us ‘civilians’ have half of an idea of what all of you in healthcare are doing for our community but please know we appreciate you. Stay safe!” said Tremaine.

“Malört is an iconic Chicago brand, and to see the people behind the product step up to help our front line healthcare workers is beyond amazing. We should be proud to live in a community with businesses like CH Distillery and Jeppson’s Malört who take an active role in supporting fellow Chicagoans through the good times and the bad,” said William “BJ” Krech, West Suburban Medical Center’s Chief Strategy Officer.

Of his donation, Tremaine mentioned West Sub and PCC were part of ‘round one’ and that ‘round two’ was in the works.  “We’ve donated to about 40 organizations, including hospitals, police and fire departments and senior care facilities, with a focus on smaller organizations and under-served Chicago communities. Round two will include more of the same, casting a wider net and including some larger facilities.”

To our distillery friends we can only say: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.