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Every day, people from all walks of life enter the doors of West Suburban Medical Center. Some are visiting friends and loved ones. Others are receiving treatment themselves. While the reasons for these visits may vary, there is one thing every person experiences — the concerted care delivered by our team of devoted caregivers. Read about our stories below or share your own.

Conrad’s Rehab Story

Conrad’s Rehab Story A New Approach to Patient Rehabilitation On a mild July afternoon, Conrad Burrage smiles with excitement as he waters the boxed off bean plants in the West Suburban Medical Center courtyard. As he carefully tends to the plants, his occupational therapists, Nina and Megan, give him gentle direction about keeping his grasp […]

Cynthia’s Surgery Story

With the help of the robotic surgery system, Cynthia’s single incision surgery left no visible scar.

James’ Colonoscopy Story

James’ timely colonoscopy allows for a lifetime of selfies.

Jessica’s Robotic Surgery Story

Using robotic surgery, our surgeons removed Jessica’s gallbladder with precision, accuracy and minimal scarring.

Natasha’s Maternity Story

Natasha’s delivery didn’t go as planned, but thanks to the staff at West Suburban, her story has a happy ending.

Share Your Story

Your story can help others who may be going through a similar situation.

Staff Story: Carley Kirsch, PT

As an acute-care physical therapist at West Suburban Medical Center, Carley Kirsch is grateful for her opportunity to help patients overcome injuries.

Staff Story: Stephanie Morse, OT

Stephanie Morse drove all the way from Chicago to Kentucky with one goal: to help people live a better life.

Staff Story: Rachel Pearson, PT

Rachel Pearson, an outpatient physical therapist at West Suburban, placed 8th in her age group in the World Triathlon in Chicago.

Staff Story: Nina Robins, OT

Diabetic Patients Inspire a Therapists’ Quest. Read Nina’s story here.

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