The Family Birthplace of West Suburban is dedicated to providing you with the safest and most satisfying birth experience possible. Our hospital is conveniently located in a park-like setting, parking is easy and ample. Way finding is simple, visitors can easily navigate our facility and they are always welcomed by a friendly staff member. Our Family Birthplace blends the comfort and intimacy of a home delivery with the resources of a modern hospital, so you’ll feel both comfortable and secure. We also believe in providing you with options so you’ll feel empowered to determine your own experience. Our partnership with Lurie Children’s Hospital offers our patients direct access to the most advanced care for premature and critically ill infants as Lurie Children’s neonatologists are on staff at West Suburban Medical Center’s Level II Nursery.

Creating the Feeling of Home

The Family Birthplace offers eight private birthing suites for labor, delivery and recovery as well as 16 private rooms for postpartum recovery. All rooms are designed to provide the feel of home while offering you and your baby modern medical care.

While West Suburban Medical Center has recently been recognized by the March of Dimes for our work to eliminate elective C-sections or non-medically indicated inductions before 39 weeks of gestation, our moms-to-be feel more secure knowing that our surgical suite is always ready for emergency Caesarian births.

Encouraging Family Participation

During labor and delivery, it’s important that you get the support you need from loved ones. West Suburban Medical Center encourages fathers to participate during the entire labor and delivery process to provide support and share in the joy of childbirth. Comfortable sleep chairs and sofas provide a convenient place for dad, a significant other or family member to rest. In addition, within guidelines, siblings and immediate family are welcome in the birthing room during labor. If family members aren’t present or available, our caring nursing staff will provide you with support.

More About Our Care For You and Your Baby

Skin-to-skin Contact

Recent studies show that skin-to-skin contact (baby naked, not wrapped in a blanket) immediately after birth is very beneficial to the baby. The newborn is happier, her/his temperature is more stable and more normal, the heart and breathing rates tend to be more stable. Skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth and breastfeeding are thought to be important in the prevention of allergies. West Suburban Medical Center encourages uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth for both vaginal and C-section deliveries.

West Suburban Medical Center promotes the family’s role as the primary caregiver for the newborn. In support of this, we encourage rooming in after birth. That means that the newborn baby stays in your room with you, as opposed to spending the majority of the time in the hospital’s nursery. Here are some benefits of rooming in:

  • Babies cry less and are easier to calm
  • Moms learn baby’s feeding cues quicker and can respond faster
  • Moms make more breast milk, faster
  • Moms are in control of the care they want for their babies (e.g. no pacifiers, bottles, etc.)

Special Services and Staff

One nurse provides continuity of care for both you and your baby.  Our medical team is always ready to offer you the support you need and includes:

  • Registered nurses, certified in neonatal resuscitation and CPR, are on staff 24 hours a day
  • Neonatologists are on staff 24 hours a day
  • Surgical suite for emergency Caesarean birth
  • Surgical recovery room
  • Anesthesia services

Ensuring Your Safety

The Family Birthplace has taken special protections to ensure the safety of both you & your baby. Our infant security system requires that babies are identified in the labor and delivery room and banded before being removed. In addition, The Family Birthplace is in a secured wing with around-the-clock camera surveillance. Visitors must identify themselves prior to entry.

Lurie Children’s Neonatologists at West Suburban Medical Center

Neonatologists provide the most advanced care to premature and critically ill infants and are on staff at West Suburban Medical Center’s Level II Nursery.

Maternity Classes and Tours

A variety of programs are available for you and your family. To learn more about The Family Birthplace at West Suburban Medical Center or to register for any of our free education programs, call 866-354-7584.

Download the 2020 Childbirth Classes at West Suburban Medical Center flyer.