Tests & Screenings

Getting an accurate diagnosis is one of the first steps in proper treatment. At West Suburban Medical Center, we offer a wide range of tests and screenings at our fully equipped hospital. Read about common advanced diagnostic tests and screenings below. To make an appointment, call (708) 383-6200.

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Skin Cancer Screening

Screening for skin cancer involves a simple physical examination of your skin. Screening can be done before any symptoms are reported, but it’s also conducted if you notice changes in your skin, such as a mole that has changed in size or color, any skin growths or atypical rough, scaly patches. If a screening is abnormal, you may need further tests.

Patch Testing

Patch testing can help to diagnose skin and food allergies by applying allergens to the skin with adhesive patches. After a period of time, the skin is examined for a reaction. Prick tests and intradermal tests are similar, but are applied to the skin or just under the skin with a needle.

Skin Biopsy

In a skin biopsy, a sample of the skin is removed to examine the tissue under the microscope to check for cancer cells. Skin biopsies are used to diagnose skin cancer or benign skin disorders.


A skin culture is a laboratory test to identify bacteria, fungi or viruses that are causing skin problems.