Resolution of Type II Diabetes


Improve Your Health

As you know, weight-loss surgery can dramatically improve your life by helping eliminate or lessen the effects of additional chronic diseases or conditions that frequently occur with obesity, such as diabetes or sleep apnea. Research has shown that more than 90% of additional chronic diseases or conditions are improved or resolved with weight-loss surgery.

The Life-Transforming Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery

As Type II Diabetes is often associated with obesity, you probably already know about its many potential life-transforming benefits. Just imagine the additional impact weight-loss surgery could have on your health and your life! Various studies have shown that diabetes completely disappears or requires no treatment (medicines, insulin). This occurred in 86% of patients in studies measuring for “resolution or improvement.”

For some patients, diabetes disappears almost immediately, even within days of surgery. Others saw blood sugar levels begin to fall soon after surgery, becoming completely normal within a year. Overall, there is an approximate 92% reduction in deaths from diabetes-related causes.

Note that different types of bariatric procedures had different degrees of impact. Gastric Bypass Surgery resolved diabetes in 84% of patients, whereas Gastric Band procedures resolved it in 73%. Talk with your bariatric specialist about which procedure is best for your situation.

By eliminating or improving your diabetes through bariatric surgery, you may reduce your risk of serious complications, including cutting the costs (and the hassles) of diabetes medications. You may also see a positive change in your overall health. Bariatric surgery has shown dramatic impact not only on Type II Diabetes, but other life-threatening conditions:

  • High cholesterol – lowered in 70% of patients
  • High blood pressure – resolved (disappeared) in 62% of patients
  • Obstructive sleep apnea (breathing disturbances during sleep) – resolved in 86% of patients