Gastric Bypass Surgery


Learn about Gastric Bypass Surgery

Learn more about this procedure that uses tiny incisions and special laparoscopic technologies to create a tiny stomach pouch so you will feel fuller when you eat.

  • Gold Standard in Bariatric Surgery
  • Has been performed in the United States for the last 40 years
  • Oldest form of weight loss surgery of any bariatric surgery
  • Permanent and non-adjustable
  • 67% average excess weight loss 1 year after surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight do Gastric Bypass Surgery patients lose?

Gastric Bypass Surgery is one of the restrictive operations, in which a large portion is “by-passed” leaving only a small part the stomach to receive and digest food. With a small stomach pouch able to hold roughly a cup of food, patients feel full a lot quicker and eat much less, but they do not feel hungry. On average, patients are able to lose 60% of their excess weight.

How long will I need to stay in the hospital?

Typically, Gastric Bypass Surgery requires a two- or three-day hospital stay. In rare cases, patients may be required to stay longer if necessary.

How long does it take to recover from Gastric Bypass Surgery?

On average, it takes two to three weeks for patients to resume normal daily activities after Gastric Bypass Surgery.

What lifestyle changes if any will I need to make after a Gastric Bypass Surgery?

You will need to eat smaller portion sizes. You may need to substitute some foods in your current diet with others to make sure your body received all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. You may also need to take additional vitamins and supplements. Our dieticians are always available to help you manage your new way of eating and make it enjoyable.

Is Gastric Bypass Surgery reversible?

In the Gastric Bypass Surgery, your digestive track is altered to “bypass” a large portion of your stomach and only leave a small portion of the stomach to receive and digest food, and therefore this is not a reversible procedure.

What are the risks and/or potential complications of Bariatric Surgery?

Since each patient is unique, we recommend viewing our online seminar or scheduling a consultation for more information. Our specialists want to answer your questions personally, with recommendations that are tailored to you and your specific situation.