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Exercise Tips:

  • Discuss all exercises with your doctor. You will want to exercise as soon as possible, but don’t rush into exercising against your doctor’s advice.
  • Commit to making a daily exercise program part of your new lifestyle after bariatric surgery.
  • Walk, walk, walk during the initial recovery period. On day one of hospital discharge, walk one block.
  • Avoid abdominal exercises until they have been approved by your doctor, usually at least four to six weeks after surgery.
  • Lift weights after your Doctor has informed you that your wounds are sufficiently healed. Gastric Bypass patients are at a greater risk for osteoporosis. Weight-bearing exercise is a great way to battle bone loss.
  • Enroll in a water aerobics class after your doctor has released you to be in water. Swimming really works the abdominal muscles, so delay actually doing that until you have received the go-ahead from your physician.