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Alternative Birthing Center Oak Park, Illinois Review by Rachel H

My daughter, Lola is 6 months old today and it dawned on me that I never wrote a review for WSMA in Oak Park. I saw 3 doctors in search of prenatal care in line with my beliefs before one finally referred me to this incredible group of women and I will be forever grateful for that referral! Gayle has quite an amazing team of women at WSMA. Every nurse, assistant, midwife, even Yolanda at the front desk was an absolute joy to see each appointment. I would have felt completely comfortable delivering my baby with any one of the midwives, but ultimately delivered with Claire in February. (during the 18in blizzard of course!) My family is on the far southeast side of the city, just minutes from Indiana, so the commute to see the midwives is about 45 minutes with average traffic. I will gladly make the commute again and again for any future children just to receive care from these women. I felt heard, cared for, zero pressure to go against my wishes, empowered, and truly surrounded by people doing what they love and their love reflecting so beautifully in their work. To anyone looking for midwifery services in greater Chicagoland-- look no further! You've found what you're searching for!

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