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Tom I - Reviewed A.L Burdick Family Medicine Center

It's been exactly one month since I got my Lasik surgery done at Lasik plus with Dr. Horn. I could not be happier with the consultation, procedure, and results. I had already decided I was going to get Lasik done, just had to figure out where. I started calling around on a Tuesday to get pricing and schedule the consultations to make sure I was a candidate etc. Lasik plus had availability for me to come in same day for the consultation, and at the consultation they said I was a great candidate. They said I could get it done two days later on the Thursday. Whoa, that's moving pretty fast. It's like moving in with a girlfriend before you've been dating for a full year. But I wasn't afraid of commitment, so I booked it. Several friends have gotten Lasik at various places and have almost all said it's 100% worth it and it's really not that bad, so I was expecting it to be a relatively easy procedure and recovery. Even with those high expectations, the experience was much easier than I thought it would be. The surgery itself was super quick. Dr. Horn and his assistants were all very professional yet friendly. They explained everything that was happening and gave feedback on how I was doing. I thought it was amusing that Dr. Horn saw me in the waiting room pre-Lasik and asked me to take off my glasses so that post-Lasik I'd realize how much better my vision was by comparison. I've been wearing contacts for 20 years so I already knew how shitty my sight was, but I liked that he cared about me seeing results immediately. When I sat up after it was done, I could already see well enough to not have to squint. My prescription before was -3.5 in both eyes so I wasn't blind, but I couldn't function in public without contacts or glasses. After the quick post-op stuff there, I used my phone to order an Uber home. Walked down stairs, found the car myself, got to my house, etc. No glasses, no contacts. It was amazing. The hardest part was that when you get home you're supposed to take a ~4 hour nap to sleep through the painful part of the recovery. I took both of the sleeping pills but couldn't fall asleep, so I had to throw in some ZZzquil also, but once I had that I was able to sleep. Once I woke up there was no pain. I could see pretty well that night, and it just got better from there. Within a day or two I had already practically forgotten that I had Lasik. I may have been lucky to not have any of the halos at night, rarely had any blurriness during the recovery, and never felt any pain besides the discomfort when I was trying to fall asleep immediately post op. The package I purchased came with "free refills" so if my eyes deteriorate as I get older, I can get a free tune up. And I 100% will do so. In short: life changing, so glad I got it done, and glad I went with LasikPlus.

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