Sample Monthly Calendar


Sample Monthly Conference Calendar

Description of Conferences


We have moved from the traditional daily noon conference to a concentrated block of protected academic time that occurs each Tuesday from 12:30-4:30 p.m. (lunch is provided). Didactic lectures are given by our faculty members and/or outside guest speakers that offer another perspective on the approach to several diagnoses and their treatments. The Half-Day also encompasses “hands-on” interactive activities such as an EKG workshop, Journal Club, Resident as Teacher, ClinicoPathologic Conference, High Value Care topics, and Resident 360, which involves discussions regarding job contracts, malpractice, and building a CV as examples.

  • Journal Club: A senior resident presents a recently published journal article pertaining to inpatient/outpatient medicine. Articles are assigned by either the Chief Resident or faculty.
  • Resident as Teacher: RAT is a one hour conference lecture given by a resident on a topic of interest in any subspecialty. It is usually attended by the Program Director and an attending from that particular subspecialty.
  • Buzz Session: The residents meet with Program Director, Associate Program Director, and Chief Resident. Any suggestions, issues, and concerns are raised for discussion. The group can brainstorm on ways to improve the residency. Many new innovations have been developed at our monthly Buzz Session.
  • Board-Review: Board Review is conducted by the Chief Resident and/or Program Director. Questions are reviewed with emphasis on medical knowledge, the reasoning between the right and wrong answers, and test-taking skills.


Monday-Friday from 6:30-7:30 a.m., a faculty member meets with the overnight residents and the incoming residents to discuss cases admitted the night before. This teaching opportunity enhances transitions of care and ensures safe continuity of management.


This conference occurs on Monday and Thursday from 7:10-8:00 a.m. and is led by a faculty member and Chief Resident. The night float team presents one or two cases that were admitted the previous night. There is an emphasis a system-based approach, differential diagnosis, management, and encompassing a high-value care approach in the treatment plan.


The inpatient general medicine resident teams meet from 10-11:30 a.m. on non-call days to conduct an in depth review of inpatient medical topics with a dedicated faculty.


Morbidity and Mortality is a conference in which cases are discussed when there has been a change in a patient’s status requiring a higher level of care or if there was an unexpected mortality that occurred. An in-depth discussion takes place with the senior inpatient residents, the Chief Resident, the Program Director, and various teaching faculty.


A weekly Grand Rounds is typically conducted by a visiting faculty member from an outside institution. The focus is on updates and advances in medicine, and is clinically relevant and evidence-based.