Sample Monthly Conference Calendar







8:30 Grand Rounds

12 PM&R – Low Back Pain


7:10 Morning Report

12 Psychiatry – ETOH and illicit drugs


11 Dermatology Rounds

12 Housestaff Meeting

1 Board Review


11 Morning Report

12 ID – Skin & Soft Tissue Infections


11 Bedside Rounds

12 Cardiology – CHF


8:30 Grand Rounds

12 Intern Lecture Series


7:10 Morning Report

12 Renal – Acid/Base & ESRD


8:30 Tumor Board

11 Dermatology Rounds

12 Wound Care

1 Board Review


11 Morning Report

12 M & M


11 Bedside Rounds

12 Stump the Chump


8:30 Grand Rounds

12 Journal Club


7:10 Morning Report

12 CPC


11 Dermatology Rounds

12 Pulmonary – Pulmonary Function Testing

1 Board Review


11 Morning Report

12 Resident as Teacher


11 Bedside Rounds

12 GI


8:30 Grand Rounds

12 Heme/Onc – Thrombocytopenia


7:10 Morning Report

12 Buzz Session


8:30 Tumor Board

11 Dermatology Rounds

12 Rheumatology – Intro to Musculoskeletal Ex

1 Board Review


11 Bedside Rounds

12 Endocrinology – Osteoporosis/Vit D


11 Bedside Rounds

12 ID – HIV


8:30 Grand Rounds

12 Neurology – Seizure Disorders


11 Morning Report

12 Ophthalmology – Red Eye


11 Dermatology Rounds

12 Surgery – Acute Abdomen Mgmt

1 Board Review



Description of Conferences

General Medicine Morning Report

This conference occurs Monday from 11a.m. - 12 p.m. and Thursday from 7:10 a.m. - 8 a.m. Led by a faculty member and Chief Resident, residents on the general medicine rotation (IMS) present one or two cases that are discussed, with emphasis on diagnosis and management. When appropriate, systems approaches and cost factors are considered. Residents on subspecialty rotations and other faculty may attend depending on schedules.

Board Review

Every Friday at 1 p.m., there is Board Review conducted by one of our hospitalists. The topics are announced ahead of time, and questions are reviewed with emphasis on medical knowledge, reasoning of right and wrong answers and test-taking skills.

Bedside Teaching Rounds

A senior attending sees patients at the bedside emphasizing history taking, physical exam skills, and clinical thought processes.

Grand Rounds

A weekly Grand Rounds is conducted by faculty from West Suburban Medical Center or outside institutions. A focus is on updates and advances in medicine, and is clinically relevant and evidence-based.

Tumor Board

A bi-weekly conference is run by a Hematologist-Oncologist, and two new and unusual cases are discussed. Faculty attending are from the disciplines of Hematology-Oncology, Primary Care, Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Surgery and Pathology.

Daily Huddle

Monday–Friday from 6:30–7 a.m., a faculty member meets with the overnight residents and the incoming residents to discuss cases admitted the night before. This teaching opportunity enhances transitions of care, and ensures safe continuity of management.


A monthly ClinicoPathologic Conference is conducted by a senior resident. He/She is given a case with an unknown diagnosis. The resident reviews the clinical information, and develops a differential diagnosis. The answer is then revealed with the assistance of Radiology and/or Pathology.

Journal Club

Once a month, a senior resident presents a recently published journal article pertaining to inpatient/outpatient medicine. Topics are picked either by the resident or assigned to them by an attending. It is held during noon conference which is attended by residents medical students and attending.

Resident as Teacher (RAT)

RAT is a one-hour noon conference lecture given by a resident on a topic of interest in any subspecialty. It is usually attended by the Program Director and an attending from that particular subspecialty.

Morbidity and Mortality

M&M is presented once a month by the previous months ICU team. It is held once a month and is attended by residents, ICU attendings, medical students, and occasionally attendings from other sub-specialties, depending on the case.

Buzz Session

Once a month, the residents meet with the Program Director, Associate Program Director and Chief Resident. Any suggestions, issues and concerns are raised for discussion. The group can brain storm on ways to improve the residency. Many of our new innovations have been developed at our monthly Buzz Session.