Resident Research Projects
Our residency program is dedicated to providing an opportunity for residents to actively participate in scholarly activities. We have a dedicated research curriculum, which includes:
  • Resident teams with faculty facilitators
  • Lectures on basic research principles
  • Guidance and statistical support from dedicated research staff
  • 2 research projects per year per resident with ability to present and publish data

Recent Research Forum Topics

  • Sepsis Protocol in the Critically Ill
  • Defibrillator Placement in Patients with CHF
  • Sickle Cell and Lung Disease
  • Therapeutic Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest
  • Leaving Against Medical Advice
  • Noninvasive Methods of Diagnosing and Management of Esophageal Varices/Portal Hypertension in Patients with Cirrhosis of the Liver
  • Attitudes and Beliefs of Health Care Workers at WSMC Regarding Mass Influenza Vaccination
  • Impact of e-ICU on Clinical Outcomes
  • Rate vs. Rhythm Control in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
  • Medical Management of Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Time to Initiation of Vasopressors in Patients with Septic Shock
  • Osteoporosis in Men
  • Effects of Intensive Medical Nutrition Therapy in Control of DM2
  • PreAlbumin Levels as a Predictor of Change in FIM Scores among Patients in Rehab
  • Outcome of Septic Shock Patients Treated With Hydrocortisone for Relative Adrenal Insufficiency
  • Flu Vaccines: Have We Got Them All?
  • Patient Acceptance, Convenience and Efficacy of One-Day versus Two-Day Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation
  • Inpatient Diabetes Control Using New Hospital Protocol
  • Impact of an Intervention to Improve the Management of Diabetes in the Internal Medicine Residency Clinic
  • Inpatient Management of Asthma at West Suburban Medical Center
  • Preventive Screening in the Internal Medicine Clinic