Selective Rotations

Required rotations that may be taken in the 2nd or 3rd year

Community Medicine/Occupational Health 
During this month, you will work one morning a week at Interfaith House, a respite care home for the homeless in Chicago. As part of the occupational health curriculum, you will spend multiple sessions at an occupational health clinic where you will become well-versed in FMLA, work-place injury evaluation and management, stress testing, spirometry and overuse injuries as well as hand and eye-related injuries.

Primary goals of this rotation include learning to diagnose and treat common outpatient dermatologic diseases in newborns, children and adults. You will learn how to detect skin cancer, when it is important to refer. Observe and learn to perform skin biopsies. You also have the chance to attend a skin cancer clinic at Rush Presbyterian Hospital.

In this month you will spend afternoons in a busy OB-GYN practice, seeing both high risk and normal pregnancies and a wide range of gynecologic issues. In addition you will spend time with a gynecologic oncologist at Loyola University, spend time in an infertility clinic, and also in a midwives practice.

Practice Management 
The goals of this rotation include understanding health management organizations, billing, and general office management. You will spend multiple enlightening sessions with an experienced office manager at a busy private family practice. You will also complete a CV to prepare yourself for job applications.

During this month you will work closely with multiple specialty groups. You will spend time in an outpatient setting, gaining competency in joint exams, reading plain films, and performing joint injections. You will also have the chance to hone in on your rheumatology history and physical exam skills.

Sports Medicine 
In this rotation you will work closely with one of our experienced physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians. Your focus will be on outpatient evaluation and treatment of knee, shoulder, back and neck injuries. There is ample hands-on teaching, with special emphasis placed on the physical exam. You will also learn the indications for imaging in back pain.