Applicant Information

If you’re looking for a modern hospital setting where you can care for patients of all levels of complexity, then West Suburban Medical Center is for you. The Internal Medicine Residency Program at West Suburban has been training physicians since 1981. Our residents have gone on to become ambulatory-based primary care internists, hospitalists, and various subspecialists.

West Suburban Medical Center offers residents experience in modern facilities, including a new Emergency Department, cardiac catheterization facilities and large endoscopy suite, among other resources. As a resident you’ll be able to provide care for a diverse patient population, allowing greater preparation after you graduate no matter where you take your career.

We believe in safety, respect, integrity, accountability, and innovation. “High Quality, High Value” is our goal in patient care. If these values are important to you, we’re excited to share the unique features of our Internal Medicine Residency with you.

What’s New With Our Program?

  • Adherence to ACGME Duty Hours requirements
  • Comprehensive mentoring program
  • Regularly scheduled dedicated teaching rounds
  • Attending supervised transitions during sign-out to improve patient sign-out, emphasizing safety and transitions of care
  • Enhanced research curriculum with statistical support
  • Procedural Skills Workshops
  • Bi-annual Resident Retreats with a particular emphasis on resilience, wellness, and teamwork
  • Newly redesigned geriatrics rotation with a focus on outpatient care, hospice, and palliative care
  • Increased financial support for research presentations and publications
  • Improved Patient Sign-out, emphasizing safety and transitions of care
  • Fully electronic 360-degree evaluation system, confidential and comprehensive
  • Focused Board Intervention (FBI) beginning in PGY-1