West Suburban Medical Center Names New Director For Breast Care Program

The West Suburban MedicalCenter Breast Program has named Dr. Rabia Z. Bhatti Medical Director for thehospital’s Breast Program. Dr. Bhatti is a board-certified general surgeon withspecial training for breast surgery.  She is a member of the AmericanSociety of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS), with breast ultrasound certification by theASBrS.

“I want to be my patient’sadvocate,” says Dr. Bhatti. “I try to provide compassionate,state-of-the-art care to my patients, while making sure that patients arewell-informed and fully involved in their care.  A well-informed patienthas less anxiety and much better overall outcome.”

Dr. Bhatti received hermedical degree from Aga Khan University Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan,and completed an internship at Aga Khan University Hospital. After completing asurgical research fellowship at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, Dr. Bhatti was asurgical research associate at Loyola University Medical Center and completed aresidency in general surgery at Training Metropolitan Group Hospitals inChicago.

Dr. Bhatti joins the teamat West Suburban Medical Center’s Breast Care Center on the River ForestMedical Campus in helping women to diagnose and treat breast cancers and otherbreast health conditions. The Breast Care Center, located at 420 William Streetin River Forest, is a certified mammography facility by the American College ofRadiology. The Center’s expert team of radiologists and mammographytechnologists is extensively trained in the latest breast imaging techniques toprovide fast, reliable results to patients and doctors. The Breast Care Centeroffers all-digital mammography, screening and diagnostic mammograms, andbiopsies. The Center also offers a Nurse Navigator to serve as the link betweenthe patient and physician team, providing resources and coordination of care tobreast cancer patients free of charge.