Hospital Staff and Employee Excellence Awards

West Suburban Medical Center recently honored three employees for their excellent service and dedication to their work in the hospital’s quarterly Employee Excellence Awards.

Brenda Harris, Department Secretary, Physical Therapy – River Forest, won the Support Staff Employee of the Quarter Award. Brenda is an integral member of the Rehabilitation team at West Suburban Medical Center and was recognized for demonstrating the values of Safety, Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Accountability, and Innovation in her work. Kristina Skare, Director of Rehabilitation Services, says “Brenda knows every patient’s name who walks through our door; knows what their personal preferences are; knows who just needs a listening ear; and knows who needs some thoughtful guidance. She embraces everyone that comes in the door as they are.”

Sharonda Howard, night-shift nurse, PCU, won the Nursing Employee of the Quarter Award. She serves as charge nurse, as well as preceptor and mentor for new graduates. Sharonda was honored for being a stellar clinician with critical-thinking skills who helps new nurses to critically analyze situations. Sharonda also is a member of the shared governance committee, never missing a daytime meeting even though she works nights. In a recent event, Sharonda stayed with an anxious patient until she fell asleep, despite her heavy workload. The patient later said that this consideration was what allowed her to relax enough to begin the road to recovery.

Lenisha Williams, Registrar, Admitting and Registration, was honored with the Ancillary Staff Employee of the Quarter Award, Lenisha was recognized for providing quality customer service to every patient, guest and employee at West Suburban Medical Center. Her manager, Pat Jaworski, says “Whether she is in Outpatient, Admitting, the Emergency Department or even in the hallway, Lenisha treats everyone with 5-star quality.” Jaworski says Lenisha, even once walked a patient home to ensure the person got there safely. Lenisha is described as having several key qualities that make her stand out: friendliness, dependability, respectfulness, compassion, and a genuine attitude.