First Robotic Surgery in West Suburban MC

Frederick M. Tiesenga, MD, Medical Director of Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery at West Suburban Medical Center, gave a presentation about advanced robotic surgery on Monday, Oct. 7, at the American College of Surgeons 99th Annual Clinical Congress in Washington, D.C.

“Roboticsurgery is increasingly becoming a valuable option for many different generalsurgery procedures. It was an honor and a great opportunity to speak aboutrobotics in general surgery to my colleagues at the annual ACS ClinicalCongress,” says Dr. Tiesenga. “The Clinical Congress a valuable forum to shareideas with surgical leaders around the country on how we can continue to improvepatient care.”

Under Dr.Tiesenga’s medical directorship, West Suburban Medical Center is home to anationally-recognized da Vinci Si® robotic general surgery program.  The program had enabled the development of astrong multi-specialty robotics program for the hospital, by creating adestination center for medical learning and advanced patient care.

Minimally-invasiverobotic surgical options may offer significantly reduced risk, pain, scarringand recovery time. Many robotic surgeries can be performed on an outpatientbasis or require only a short hospital stay. West Suburban Medical Center’sminimally invasive and robotic team provides the latest treatments, coupledwith diagnostic and clinical experience across several specialties.Robotically-trained surgeons in several specialties at West Suburban MedicalCenter – including urology, gynecology, and general surgery – are able to treata variety of conditions.