Internal Medicine Residency Programs

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Internal Medicine Residency Programs

"As a general internist, I am pleased to help guide the Internal Medicine program. The residents provide comprehensive health care for patients and their families, and this 'personal touch' carries through in the program's philosophy. Over the course of time, we get to know the residents as human beings as well as professional colleagues. This familiarity allows us to both build on strengths and address weaknesses.

West Suburban Medical Center manages the unique task of blending a community hospital atmosphere with the high technology medicine available at an academic medical center. The variety of medical cases is staggering, and the resources are available to aid in diagnosis and management. It's a remarkably easy hospital in which to get things done. The ancillary services, including radiology and laboratory work for the patients and the doctors, which allow the residents to spend time learning at the bedside and in the classroom."

Karen B. Weinstein, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Associate Program Director

The Key to competence in internal medicine is clinical experience. As an internal medicine resident at West Suburban Medical Center, you will have your own panel of patients. You will have primary responsibility for these patients in the inpatient and outpatient settings. From critical care units to medical/surgical units, you will care for the needs of your patients, from admission to discharge and throughout continuing follow-up office visits. Of course, you will be guided by one of our many faculty and attending physicians, as well as specialists and consultants from other fields, who will assist you in learning and providing the most effective and efficient care for your patients. Special electives in various other disciplines and settings are also allowed with the Program Director's approval.

In our ambulatory medicine center, Associates in Internal Medicine (AIM), residents can acquire extensive experience in diagnosing and treating internal medicine patients from all segments of our culturally diverse community. Again, a myriad of resources ranging from the latest technology to time-tested physician experience is available, so that you can explore your own learning needs and develop your own style of medicine.

The patient volumes seen in AIM will enable you to stretch your clinical abilities, as well as to develop the critical skills needed under the demands of a managed care environment. During your residency at West Suburban Medical Center, through curriculum and interpersonal experiences with physician faculty, you will develop competence and self-confidence as an internal medicine physician.

We are committed to providing an educational environment designed to encourage academic curiosity, to teach excellence in clinical skills, and to promote research. In order to achieve this goal, the curriculum schedule is supplemented with daily, weekly and monthly conferences, lectures and activities.

Attending Rounds or Morning Report and Management Rounds occur daily. A faculty member accompanies residents in the Hospital and gives instruction on both the clinical and non-clinical aspects of patient care. Noon lectures are presented by our many attending physicians who address specific topics within their specialty, such as Radiology, Pathology, Neurology, and Gastroenterology, to name just a few.

Weekly Dermatology Rounds take place in our clinic setting, where residents are instructed by a faculty member as she sees patients in the office. Grand Rounds lectures, a critical care conference and tumor board complete the weekly calendar. Additionally, medical students rotate on the Internal Medicine Service at West Suburban Medical Center as both third year clerks and fourth year sub-interns.

Academics are also featured in the monthly Research Conferences, M&M Conferences, Journal Club, Pathology Conferences, our resident-run CPC and MKSAP Board Review.

This combination of community experience coupled with an academic approach allows our Internal Medicine Residency Program to provide a wide variety of opportunities for young physicians to develop the skills needed to become superior general internists. In addition, this program lays a solid foundation for those who later seek subspecialty training.